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Welcome to Strident News, where we tell it like it is!!!

What we do…

Strident news is an online news website that tells the new like it is. We here at Strident News want to tell news stories from the viewpoint of minorities, the oppressed and simply those that don’t have a voice in today’s world because they are shunned and looked down upon. They say that racism doesn’t exist in the western world and that we a truly a multicultural society but here in Australia where we are currently based this could not be further from the truth.

I’ll prove it, simply turn on the main stream news channels on your TV such as channel 7, 9 and 10. What do you see? All the news anchor are white! That’s right, they are white and that means News is reported from a bias angle. What angle might that be? The angle of white privilege. Certainly, the ABC News network here in Australia have noticed this problem and started to introduce a small number of ethnic reporters but observe them carefully and the news is still told from a white privilege prospective.

Here we will cut out all of that bias and tell the news from the prospective of a world audience. We will report the news as the world sees it and not through the lens of white privilege. I for one am sick and tied of listening to the news from such an angle. And another thing, we here acknowledge that sports is not news worthy therefore you will never here any sports news from us! Fools are those that think sports is news as we standby everyday witnessing injustices that never make the news. Not anymore, our goal is to report on every injustice that occurs in this world no matter how small or large that injustice maybe.

Send us via email through our contact us page evidence/ proof of an injustice that you have experienced and we will write an article about your experience and post it to our website. By sharing your experience you will be helping out others and perhaps even contribute to their better mental help.

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