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Australian floods devastates property and lives.

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Many people in Australia have been left with devastation as the flood waters have ripped through their homes and properties. Businesses have been left in utter ruins as owners have been battling the pandamic with months of closures only to return to carnage akin to a war zone. People have lost their lives battling these floods and others have been cut off from escaping their property. These floods have created remote Islands within Australia cutting people off from essential services.

These flood waters have brought added dangers such as submerged debri that can trap people under water, and snakes that swim across people trying to escape the water. Australia is home to some of the most deadliest snakes in the world making swimming in floods waters one of the deadliest acts a desperate people can make. As the flood waters recede in some parts of Australia, the muddy waters bring diseases that can cause infection and even death.

The most vulnerable of Australia’s population have been left destitute with nothing but the clothes on their back. Whilst the Australian Government scrabbles to help businesses affected by the flood waters they have forgotten about the poor and vunerable within the country. Whilst Australia is precieved as a wealthy country it does have a large segment of poor children that are homeless and uncared for. Indeed, there are also many adults that are homeless as housing has become unaffordable. This poor segment of the population is largely forgotten about within Australia.

You can help by donating generously to our Australian Flood Appeal Campaign here.

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