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Corona Virus: Is Australia to Blame?

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Craig Reucassel Photo

War on waste presenter

Not so long ago there was a ‘war on plastic bags’ which started here in Australia. Craig Reucassel, the man pictured above propagated the ban on plastic bags. There was wide condemnation on plastic straws when a video surfaced on YouTube showing a large turtle with a plastic straw lodge up its nose. This was very disturbing, and perhaps had some part to do with the war on plastic bags.

We have been told time and again that Corona Virus started in Wuhan, China due to the Chinese people indulging in exotic animals. However, this doesn’t make sense! As they have been eating exotic animals for the past 40 years. This type of trade has been well documented and promoted by the Chinese government. If the average person where to think just a little they to would conclude that this doesn’t make sense.

However, what does make sense is that around about the peak of the war on plastic bags lead by Craig Reucassel we witnessed the birth of Corona Virus. Plastic bags kept our food safe from germs and the touch of other humans. Best of all they were free and convenient now the major supermarkets and small businesses are charging us anywhere from 10 cents to 2 dollars a bag. It’s an absolute disgrace on a global scale and the world has Australia to thank; more specifically Craig Reucassel.

Everyone knows or ought to know that when you gather in large crowds your bound to get sick. Unless you are in a hazmat suit which is basically a plastic bag with ventilation. Now, apply that logic to our food and we now have exposed our food to this very same crowd, and amplified those germs into what we know as corona virus.

But wait, the opposition claim that fruits such as banana’s have their own protective skin thus not needing a plastic covering. Well, the reality is that we humans not only eat fruits but also processed foods, meats, dairy and other product that don’t have their own protect skin or natural packing. And if many people touch those products without adequate protection such as plastic then you are bound to get very ill. How ill? Perhaps so ill that you contract corona virus?

The bottom line is that Australia with the help of it’s fellow citizen Craig Reucassel mostly likely started Corona Virus because of its war on Plastic packaging which created a unhygienic world. Australia will dispute this and say there is no evidence however, on the flip side there is no evidence to suggest that this claim is not true either!

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