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Freedom of Speech: China tells off Australia.

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Australian Soldiers (ADF) war crimes on Afghan people and China's right to freedom of Speech.
ADF Soldier killing afghan child

Artist depiction of ADF soldier killing Afghan Child.

Recently China posted a photo depicting an Australian Soldier holding a knife to the neck of a young Afgani Child. The artist of the photo stated that it is a true representation of the war crimes Australian Soldiers carried out on the innocent Afghan population. Scott Morris the Prime Minister of Australia, better known as Scotty from Marketing came out ranting to the Australian public about how Australia was slandered by China. How can it be slander if it is true?

The Australian Defence Force better known as the Australia Army is guilty of war crimes it has perpetrated against the Afgani people. It is guilty of killing innocent Afgani women, children, men and the elderly. What makes it even worse is that Scotty from Marketing and the Australian Army will not release the faces of the guilty killers. These killers are not soldiers they are cowards and gutless individuals hiding behind the protection of the Australian Government. There is no honour in what these cowardly killers have done.

In civil law anyone one over the age of 18 would have their faces plastered over the internet and television stations for killing innocent women, children, men and the elderly. Worst is the fact that the Australian Government believes it right to continue to call these cowardly killers Australian Soldiers. So, if that is the case than all Australian Soldiers are cowardly killers and dishonourable warriors that don’t deserve the respect of anyone in this world.

Perhaps looking at the history of these cowardly killers that call themselves Australian Soldiers would shed light on the way these cowards operate. The Aboriginal people of Australia were subject to the same cowardly operations as the innocent Afghans. These despicable people operated under the doctrine of Terra Nullius meaning no mans land and invaded and slaughtered the Aboriginal people in a cowardly fashion using modern weapons such as guns against a primitive people with sticks.

Tell an Australian soldier to fight a hand to hand combat style and they would run for the hills unless of-course it is against a child. All these cowards are good at doing is killing innocent people who have little to no weapons by using the most modern state of the art weaponry. On top of that these cowards are the most racism and bigoted individual to serve any army. Not to mention the sexual assault that happen on their own within their services.

China has a right to exercise it’s freedom of speech and it called out Australia for it’s hypocrisy and rightly so. Why is it that only Australia has the privilege of freedom of speech? Australia can dish out its share of freedom of speech issues but it cannot handle it when it receives a serve. I was personally embarrassed by the way Scotty from marketing came out ranting about how unfair China’s assessment of it’s war crimes where.

Disgraceful conduct by the Australian Prime Minister having complete disregard for the Afgani-Australian’s within its boarders. At the end of the day when all is said and done, Australia will sweep it’s war crimes against the Afgani people under the rug. Their cowardly killers will continue to live free within Australia Boarders and perhaps the world at large.

These cowards are walking amongst us receiving undue praise from their peers and the disillusioned public. Living off the taxpayers dollar to fund their pathetic lifestyles. Indeed, this makes me sick to the stomach and it should make you feel the same!

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