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Google: Censors Freedom of Speech

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Why are there not more alternative views on Google Search Engine? Do we all think the same or is something controlling us?
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Do you ever wonder why there aren’t any alternative views out there about important topics that affect our everyday lives? Surely, everyone cannot be thinking the same? You might be thinking that I am certainly not thinking the same think as all the other sheep out there?

Well, the truth is that Google Search Engine restricts what you can see. They don’t want you to think outside the box. They are programming you so that they can control you, and the way you think.

No, not Google you might be thinking? Indeed, Google is not what it seem. Take this website StridentNews.com for example. Here we tell it like it is! And Google doesn’t like that. In fact, Google will not put their ads on this website because it does not conform to Googles standards. We here at strident news will never back down from telling it like it is!

Google recently asked us to take down some of our news articles because it doesn’t conform to it sheep like standards. We told them that we are not desperate for your money, and we will never be a part of your plot to control the masses like sheep! In fact, soon you might not even be able to find us on the Google Search Engine; as they bury websites like ours so no one will benefit from knowing the truth!

Don’t worry though, as you will spread the word about strident news and wake the masses from the sheep like slumber they are currently in. Google doesn’t want you to think for yourself. It wants you to eat, drink and play where they tell you to.

We realised that we don’t need advertisements running on this website as we don’t want to be bought and told what we can write! Google is now listening to your conversations, and offering you products from stores that pay them a pretty penny.

So whats wrong with that you might be asking? These stores pay Google big bucks to offer you their valueless and poor quality products. Google is stepping on the little guy who can offer you better products at a better price. These little guys are the real hero’s as they refuse to play by Googles rules.

Google will allow you to write stories about the hero soldiers of Vietnam but try to write about the napalm bombs these so called ‘hero’s soldiers’ dropped on innocent women and children. They will try to get you to take it down deeming it hate speech or putting down veterans.

Seriously? What happen to the old adage, ‘one mans hero is another mans terrorist.’ Why is it that you only hear from the hero and not the terrorist? Is there not two sides to a story? Why than does Google only allow one side of the story to be told and punishes anyone who dare explain the other sides story? Perhaps, the man who is the hero is really the terrorist but you will never know as Google won’t let the other guy speak!

Google is not your friend! Google is only friends with Governments, the white man, the rich and the filthy. Beware of Google!

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