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The Forgotten People of Nepal.

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Nepal is heavily reliant on India’s health resources. However, due to India’s outbreak of Covid-19 which has left the country with a shortage of Covid-19 vaccines and oxygen; India is unable to provide aid to its neighbour Nepal. Nepal’s Hospitals are on the brink of collapsing leaving the country in a state of disaster.

Nepal is in desperate need of medicines, oxygen and vital medical equipment including respirators. Due to India’s large population and economic power Nepal’s calls for assistance are falling on deaf ears as international aid for India is overshadowing the Aid for Nepal. Active Covid-19 cases in Nepal has now reached over 100,000 cases and with almost 8000 deaths.

Covid-19 has affected Nepal’s tourism sector sending about 7% of its workers into unemployment. Reports of infected covid-19 Sherpa’s continuing to work on the once in a lifetime climb of Mount Everest due to tough economic times should have the world at large worried. Despite Nepal’s Government introducing 7 million identity cards to its citizens by the end of next year there is just not enough social welfare support for its people plunging them deeper into poverty.

Children are now forced to work in dangerous conditions to support their families as there is just no aid or help available. These Children are forced to work long hours in factories, tea stalls and other income generating sectors often exploited and paid a meagre wage. Human Rights Watch reports ‘that these children a forced to work as their families don’t have food to eat and are month’s behind on rents.’

Nepal’s Government is corrupt to the core. It has fewer than 1 doctor to 100,000 citizens in a country with a 30 million strong population. Its health minister Bhanubhakta Dhakal was accused of embezzling large sums of money. This money was allocated to buy much needed medical equipment for the country but instead lined the pockets of this despicable human being. Nepal has oil processors within its borders, but the profits don’t seem to be going to the working-class or even the poor. Government corruption and the Pandemic has provided the perfect platform for a disaster of mass deaths that the world has never seen before.

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