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The meaning to life

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What is the meaning to life? How many people before you have pondered over this same question? Indeed, until death over took them and the meaning to life was apparent.

The meaning to life, is simply that it is a test. It is about what you do as an individual that affects the quality of life that you live. Ask yourself, why is it that when I do something good, that I feel good, and when I do something dishonest, that I feel bad?

You don’t have to be a saint to live a happy and productive life. The truth is that if you search for the meaning of life sincerely you will find it. In fact, you probably already have an idea because it have been programmed into you.

Wait, you might be asking. What about all the terrible things happening in the world? These terrible things are happening because we have a lot of bad people in the world, so much so that the good people a very few in number. Then why should I be good? Living a wholesome and honourable life is better than living a life hurting others. Don’t believe me? Well, try it out.

The wars, hunger, poverty and the disadvantages in this world are the fault of bad people. Bad people usually like to inflict these problems on the weak and oppressed as they are the easiest to hurt. No body deserves to start life out at a disadvantage however many of us do. They say, ‘that’s life’ but the truth is that your problem and the problems of many others were cause by greedy people that are just bad to their core.

Did you know that the United states produces so much food a year that they can feed the population of the earth three times over. And that is just the united states of america. What about other countries? The truth is that there is no food shortage!

In fact, there is no oil shortage either! Right now there are so many oil tanks sitting out at sea waiting to unload oil however the owners of the various oil companies are making them wait; as they want the highest dollar for their product. If all the oil producing nations flooded the market with oil it would be cheaper than water. Growth meaning business development would increase exponentially that many people would have jobs today. And those without a job would receive generous wealth fare benefits well above the poverty line.

You have to understand that not everyone will be employed as there are people that are sick, old, injured and some disadvantaged that a job just doesn’t exist for them. No nation in the world can have a 100% employment rate.

The point is that today the world is so wealthy that no one should be poor. The reality is that if everyone wanted a huge palace then that could be built without any problem what so ever. The wealth of today can provide every single person in this world with food, a big house and land of their own, brand new vehicles, basic utilities such as power, water and sewage and all of the basic necessities to life.

However, this is not the reality as much of the world is filled with bad people who don’t want you to have these nice things. These bad people want to rule over you and are fighting amongst themselves to rule over each other.

So, life is a test and you are being tested. What are you going to do?