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The solution to stopping oppression, poverty, capitalism, and world greed.

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Everyone is looking for a solution out there on ways to solve the worlds problem on poverty, greed and oppression. Indeed, you have charities out there that have been setup for this very purpose. But has anyone wondered that if everyone is giving just a few dollars than why poverty hasn’t been eradicated? In fact, why hasn’t the red cross stopped poverty when they have received billions of dollars of donations? It’s a fair question.

And it appears to be fact that these charities are not using the money they receive as it should be. Why are the religious leader of these charities living in lavish houses, driving expensive vehicles and eating the best food? In fact, where does the money come from for these people to live such lives? I am sure you have a fair idea.

So what is the solution? They say the best solutions are the most simplest ones out there. And this is my solution which I hope one day to make a reality.

I purpose a global welfare support system which pays those in need into their respective bank accounts. This platform would be a special bank setup to receive money and distribute it directly to those in need. The rate of payment would be equivalent to the amount a person needs in a western country to live for a week paid on a weekly basis.

The calculation of that payment would take into account all of the expenses a western person on welfare would need to live comfortably. Which means it would be modesty above the rates that many western welfare recipients currently receive as many are in poverty themselves.

But that would make the people in third world countries richer. Yes, it would there by driving out oppression and poverty. Low wages would be a thing of the past and better living standards starting in third world countries would make the entire world a better place.

Think about it? As people become independent they will seek to better themselves by way of education. Essential education such as basic hygiene, clean water and proper nutrition would ensure without governments trying to implement such education campaigns. It’s is instinctual for a person to better themselves.

The roll-out would begin in third world countries which would make the first world countries take heed and provide better services for their citizens. However, these are governments so they are greedy and eventually our system would seek to take care of the entire world population including those in first world countries. Eventually, there would be so much wealth out there that no one would be asking or begging for any of the necessities.

This system would be made so easy that you will never need to donate to any other charity ever again. Your contribution goes in and is electronically distributed worldwide through our special bank as owning a bank would make payments easier and cost effective.

What about fraud? Well, this is inevitable and there would be tolerances in the system to deal with a certain amount of fraud but implementing fraud detection tools would perhaps double or triple the cost of actual fraud. For example, theft from a shop is inevitable and these costs are built in. Even, damages are built into the shops system. Therefore, fraud is a cost that will be built in. However, the way to combat fraud is to allow for anonymous reporting of fraudsters which will be dealt with by local law enforcement and analytical software.

However, that being said it should be borne in mind that anyone that gives will not have their recognition of giving if they wish not to be anonymous diminished in anyway. I would think that the public would ridicule those individual caught fraudulently taking welfare payments quite harshly. And perhaps a naming and shaming would do more good than expensive and on-going fraud detection systems.

If I am unable to fulfil this goal of mine due to death, than I ask those that have read this to spread it around, and perhaps it will reach someone that can fulfil this goal.

Thank you for your time, and kindly consider donating to so that we can tell it like it is.