Project Homelessness: Helping the Homeless!

Homelessness is an issue that affects the entire world. Yet, Governments around the world regardless of them being western or otherwise are doing very little to combat this issues.


Project Homelessness is an initiative launched by Strident News to end homelessness within the globe. Your generous donations will go towards:

  • Providing food, water, and shelter directly to homeless people in the worse affected areas of the world
  • Providing medicine and medical treatment including dental care plans for the homeless
  • Homelessness awareness and prevention programs
  • Dignified living including basic homelessness packs as a temporary solution which includes tents, warm clothes, Manchester, and essential living items.
  • Connecting the homless with Homelessness services such as mental health treatment facilities, food banks, and the like.

Donate Generously and remember giving may just save a life!!!