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Project Homelessness: Helping the Homeless

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Homelessness is a global issue that deserves our attention. Project Homelessness is an initiative started by Strident News in order to collect donations and distribute those donations to the homeless.

Homelessness is an issue that affects the entire world. Yet, Governments around the world regardless of them being western or otherwise are doing very little to combat this issues. How absolutely sad is that people can spend billions of dollars on space programs. Which at launch time fails making investors and stakeholders at large no profit. These people just shrug it off and re-invest. However, ask them to solve the issue of homelessness and they become like misers the world has never seen before.

I am not going to bore you with the statistics on homelessness; no not at all. What I am purposing is that homelessness is more of an investment. What you might ask? Is he trying to profit off homelessness? No, not at all. Your return on investment is hidden from your eyes. It’s not profit in the traditional sense.

Than how am I profiting you may ask? Well, first you will be combating the unsightliness of homelessness. Next, you will be ridding the street of homeless people, and housing them in appropriate accommodation. Well, that’s not a big deal? Are you sure? It is well known that there are some bad eggs amongst the homeless. Who will do anything for the next meal including physically injuring you or even contributing to ending your life. Perhaps, just by contributing to ending homelessness you have unknowingly saved your own life.

Think about it, if you were homeless would you become so angry, and maybe desperate that you could just hurt someone? I know that if I were to become homeless than I would have only two options available to me. One live an undignified life of homelessness. Or two kill someone and setup my retirement and immediate life with 3 meals a day and a roof over my head. I know the option I would pick, do you? But wait? Aren’t you scared of prison rape? Well, that also happens out there when your homeless.

They say that most homeless people are affected by drugs and alcohol. Well, if that is the truth than with proper funding of homeless services we can get homeless people the help they need. Indeed, many homeless people invoke this defence. In court sighting temporary or permanent mental health issues in part due to drugs and alcohol. They are let out again into society because the governments cannot fund their treatment.

Here at Strident News we have setup Project Homelessness. In which, we collect money on behalf of the homeless and distribute it globally to homelessness services and homeless people to live dignified lives. By providing basic necessities such as food, water, shelter and specialised services for the homeless. So give generously to Strident News by visiting and clicking on the shop button and finding the donate to project homelessness donation icon. Alternatively, click on the button below or the link provided and be taken to that section immediately.

Remember give generously as it could just save your life!