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How to become wealthy

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How to become wealthy? Understanding what wealth is and differentiating wealth from false individual purporting as being wealthy.
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What is it to be truly wealthy? First of all, being wealthy means that you do not leverage your actual wealth against debts. Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of wealth is absurd. Yes, absurd for the reason that his wealth exists due to leveraging his equality against his huge debt. How can you say you are wealthy if you have debts that wipe out any of your actual wealth.

How can someone state they are wealth if for example you have a one dollar candy bar and you borrowed money to buy that candy bar? In fact, if you decided to sell that one dollar candy bar you would not receive the full one dollar back. Indeed, you now also have a debt to repay against that candy bar. Therefore, your real position is not one of wealth but one of debt. This is the real position of Robert Kiyosaki as he may claim that he owns multiple properties but these are tied up with the real owner. Who is the real owner? The bank ofcourse.

What about the properties that Robert Kiyosaki owns outright? Well, these have been used as collateral to secure the debt that he currently has. Therefore, it is safe to assume that he doesn’t own these properties either as the bank has a legitimate claim.

Whats your point? People like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump are not actually wealthy. They have become so good at using debt to exude the image of being wealthy that they fool the masses. This type of vain wealth is not something to be desired as it is false wealth.

To be truly wealth is not to be in debt and never to rely on any type of debt instrument. The problem is Schools, Universities and other educational institutes do not teach the masses how to make a dollar. They only teach the accounting, and analysis of wealth via fancy graphs and reports. Never will they teach you about wealth creation as it is not in their best interest. Their agenda is to keep you poor and enslaved with your 9 to 5 as this is how they profit off you. After all, they are a business and they have the masses brainwashed by stating over and again that you need an education for a good future.

Lets analyse this claim a little further? Every year Universities are churning out new courses knowing full well that most of these courses don’t have a market demand; meaning no job at the end of your course. For example, property development is a degree at university but anyone can apply for a licence to become a property developer with the fair trade commission/ department. What is the point of doing a property development course if you don’t know how to generate income and you have no industry contacts.

Who would give a university graduate with a property development degree a job in the property development industry? The graduate has no real experience, they don’t know how to manage wealth, and judging by their appearance they cannot afford the basics of life. Do you expect me, a wealthy individual to give a development contract to an individual like this? No, I would be a fool because I would lose money. In fact, I might as well give this contract to a two year old and they might do a better job than this graduate.

I digress, the point is that Universities are sly institutions grabbing money from their investors and helping the government enslave the masses. Real wealth means no debts and if your in that position where you find your self with a debt then it must be an insignificant debt. Meaning that if you had a $1000 and you incurred a debt of 50 cents that it would not damage or impact your wealth significantly. These insignificant debts occur in the forms of legal disputes, company fines, and sometimes the extraordinary situation. Insignificant debts a discounted from actual wealth as they are debts that cannot hurt your wealth.

Many people have the attitude out their that you need debt in order to fund your business goals and fundamentally your entire business. If this is your attitude or the attitude of people you know than you and or they are bound to fail. Yes, these people find some success in the beginning but their foundation is flawed. I have known many people with this attitude and seen them fail significantly. They eventually start dealing with millions of dollars and some can stay afloat for ten years and the 1% can go further but it comes crashing down, and sometimes in a spectacular fashion. Why? Simply for the fact that you cannot be wealthy on a debt driven foundation.

If you have never been wealth or never been born into a wealthy family than the first thing to do is change your mind; meaning change your thinking. You need to go on a journey of self development. In order to manage wealth you need to accept wealth into your life and elevate your mind.

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