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What it’s like to be a winner?

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Winning at all costs; is a moto that winners live by. How do you know if your successful in this world? Easy! Check your bank balance. If it’s high and your able to afford anything you want, then just know that you have made it. You got to hustle for that green or get a job at McDonald and live a life of regret.

What motivates a winner? Money, power, and status. When you walk into a room people know your name or they see you and you ooze respect. Ethics and moral’s take a back seat when it comes to winning. Why should the weak inherent wealth when there are wolves out their ready to take what is theirs?

Winners understand that they entered this world with nothing and will leave with nothing. But, what about the time between? Well, the time between is a winner’s dream. Yes, they take what they want without regret. Winners accumulate and devour wealth and assets like there is no tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed like the present is.

Winners are programmed to win at any cost. Rules, regulation, and laws are no match for winner’s as they can manipulate and move through them without consequence. In fact, a winner makes the laws their servants or better yet their slave. Don’t believe me? Look at the big companies that loot and plunder with impunity. Yeah, a company maybe its own entity; a robot per se but it needs a winner to operate it.

No one notices a loser; no matter what motivational speeches or psychologist might say. Everyone remembers number one, and nobody after that number. If your not useful to a winner they discard you like a piece of garbage. Why? Because no one likes a time waster. There are only winners and losers; hence, if you’re not a winner then you’re a…

Winners accomplish goals, and have a cut throat mentality. They don’t care about your feelings; only what you have to offer. In fact, if you can not handle your emotions then you’re not a winner. Winners don’t need anyone but themselves and are happiest when by themselves. They don’t need praise from losers or worthless individuals. The only praise a winner care’s about is their own self-praise. Why? Because they came into this world alone and will leave alone! So why should anyone else’s feelings matter?

Winners don’t care about hurting your feelings or talking harshly to you. If you can’t handle your feelings, then you better get a job at McDonald’s! The only thing between a winner and their goal is the obstacles in the way. Don’t get in the way of a winner and their goal as they will steam roll you over without hesitation. Never underestimate a winner’s weakness for fear as they live on fear and the only one that will get hurt is the one in the way!

Expecting an apology from a winner, or don’t like what you read? Well, winners don’t apologise because their too busy winning!!!