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Why do immigrants/migrants come to Australia and the long-term impact on their families?

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Tree of life, meaning everyone has the right to dignity, respect and freedom.

Let’s face it, Australia is a harsh arid destination with some of the world’s deadliest animals. Economically, it’s young population consisting of young families and young adults cannot even afford a home to buy. The best they can afford is a decent motor vehicle which costs up to 100 thousand dollars depending on the specific needs of those under 40.

Before we go on, let’s not get it twisted. We understand the plight of the refugees in which they are escaping the perils of atrocities like war and starvation. Anyone with a firm conviction of empathy understands the journey of the refugee. They deserve our utmost respect for their courage and the difficult plight in their journey towards a safe and secure region where they can raise their children.

Australia’s refugee population needs to be protected as we had vultures earlier this week from the RSL volunteering to integrate the recent Afghan refugees into Australian culture. A spokesman for the head of the RSL appeared on Australian television with his hand trembling and with a meek demeanour proudly discussing this initiative. Let’s be frank, they want to covert a conservative people into drunk, swine eating, rude and nasty individuals. They will look them dead in the eyes and say, we respect your religion and culture but your free now. So, wear those budgie smugglers and bikini’s, crack open a beer, use vulgar language and forget everything you learnt of dignity and morals. Integration means brainwashing, as these people came here to live their lives in modesty and safety but how safe is Australia when Australians are Islamophobic?

Now let’s examine why immigrants and migrants come to Australia? The number one reason is that they are deemed to be the losers of their home countries among their own race of people. Their excuse is that they left for a better life for themselves and then their children. Why? Simple, they could not compete with their own race of people and rise to ranks of dignity, and sovereignty. So, they come here to try to build a better life. However, they are the some of the most un-educated and backward of people. What drove them to this country was their lust for materialism, status, and the pursuit of wealth. They are so blinded by these pursuits under the premise that they are building a better future for their children but do not understand that they are destroying their children’s culture, familial ties, and heritage.

These immigrants usually come home to Australia with young children or have children shortly after arriving. They then impose their culture on their children in a country that has its own culture. For the coloured children of immigrants/ migrants they are shocked that first they need to learn the local language English as their parents taught them very little due to their fruitless pursuit of a “better life.” As these children continue their journey of awareness, they realise that they a uniquely different. They eat different food, talk a different language, and look completely different to their counterparts. The fact of the matter is that they will never fit into Australian society no matter how hard they try because you cannot erase who you are.

These children continue on the journey of awareness to the ultimate destination of realisation. That one phrase that they have heard either directly or indirectly. Yes, ‘go back to your country.’ These children realise that they have been brainwashed by the Australian society; absorbing unconsciously the ethnocentric biases of the society which makes them inherently different to their racial counterparts of their home country in which they no longer belong. They a stuck in two worlds, as they do not belong in Australia, but they are connected to the land of Australia in which they feel a strong connection. However, it’s the society of Australia and specifically it’s people that make them feel as though they do not belong.

Turning to their home country of birth they feel a connection yet not as strong as the connection to the land of Australia. They understand that whilst they look like their racial counterpart’s they are different on the inside. Indeed, they are physically compatible but emotionally/ mentally they are incompatible. Whilst they speak the language and eat some of the foods of their counterparts, they know that they do not belong and so do their counterparts. For some it may become an insult to be called or known by a race or nationality other than Australian regardless of how they look. The fact is that they don’t want to be known as having the same mannerisms, likes, behaviours and whims of their racial counterparts as it’s just not true.

How do these children identify themselves then? They don’t belong to their racial counterparts, nor do they belong exclusively to Australian society. Indeed, whether they are aware or not, they have become a global citizen. They now carry the true qualities of what it means to be a global citizen as they neither belong here or there, but they are happy to live throughout the world with a unique connection to their playground Australia. Playground you may ask? Well, in nature you have some animals that are born in a certain place, but they leave to make their way to their playground where they live and eventually die.

Their immigrant/ migrant parents left their homeland in search of a better life for themselves under the guise of a better life for their children. However, if you are a coloured migrant the only opportunities you will get in Australia is in the health sector under the public service designation. Your immigrant/ migrant parents will tell you to become a doctor or something in the health field because they themselves could not achieve a high status in employment and/or Australian society. Just remember that only a few will become doctors and even then, they will never rank highly in their fields.

The children of immigrants/ migrants find it difficult to see uneducated first-generation migrants that cannot effectively and clearly speak English represent their racial group on the media. First, they cannot speak English well and are unable to represent/ convey the needs of their minority group adequately. Secondly, it is pathetic and highly embarrassing to see these individuals on media platforms as every migrant/ immigrant and successive generations linked to them are deemed as backwards, and lowly people in Australian society. As on occasion they may refer to their culture about an issue that is incompatible with Australian culture further making the entire racial group look as though they are primitive savages.

Not all immigrants are uneducated as there are some with higher education such as those with medical degrees and so on. However, one common theme among this group is that they come off as uneducated as they are unable to express themselves well on the same media platforms which again results in the stigma as outlined above.

On a side note, these immigrants/ migrants who have medical degrees cannot effectively speak English to a high level, yet they are able to practice medicine whilst some immigrant children can speak English to a high level yet are never offered a medical placement regardless of getting high marks at school. Why does the Australian government require our domestics students to have a high level of English to be accepted into medical school when you have immigrants/ migrants that can barely speak English and barely provide adequate medical service? Furthermore, it is evident that these ‘highly educated immigrant/migrant’ doctors have some how bribed there way through medical school as it would be reasonably expected that doctors should have a high level of English skill or at least a higher level than the average joe. We all understand that international medical students have a lower level of acceptance into medical School because of the money they pay.

Moving on, why does a lack of English skill among the first-generation migrants/ immigrants bother children of immigrants/migrants? Well, children of immigrants have it hard in Australia and some have even repeated year levels at school. But why? Simply because they did not know English and were deemed inadequate or mentally challenged through the early education systems meaning both primary and high school education. A lot of material in the education system is based around Australian culture, interactions unique to the people of Australia and colloquial cues. These are all foreign to these children who have intensively learnt English and studied endless hours to catch up to their Australian counterparts. This can be further complicated by dietary restrictions due to culture or religion whereby the child is deprived of nutrition in which they are unable to focus.

They face adversity more than their parents ever did from the very first day of school. They are reminded constantly that their parents had to walk 20 kilometres to school and back every day. That their parents as children needed to sell vegetables in the markets to afford school fees, uniforms, and stationery. In fact, they walked 20 kilometres to school without shoes as they couldn’t afford shoes.  Meanwhile, the migrant/ immigrant child is being constantly told as school he or she is dumb, doesn’t fit in, and will end up on welfare as a deadbeat or become a low skilled worker.

My questions for these parents are? Why would you travel 20 kilometres to school, sell vegetable in the markets and burden your parents that cannot afford to send you to school? It must be because they a selfish individual as I said before these individuals are motivated by the pursuit of wealth. Ask them, so now you are in a better country; do you send any money back home to your parents? They will reply no, or not that often because life in Australia is expensive and we cannot. But these people claim they had no running water, plumbing, and work back home. Yet, they cannot send even a few dollars back to their relatives. Selfish and ignorant people that only look out for themselves. You see, as an immigrant child your parent/s don’t really care about you as they will do anything for the dollar. Yes, they are a slave to the dollar.

You’re probably thinking that’s a bit harsh? Most immigrant children will not see their parent/s or even spend time with them through their schooling years. Why? The parents are too busy chasing the dollar. Their excuse is that they must pay for your school fees, and by the way school is compulsory in Australia so they must otherwise there are charities and government services that can aid. And here is the kicker excuse. We must build a house so that you will have a place to live and benefit from. Although, the reality is that your parents where in low paid jobs most of their lives and eventually will need the equity in their home and possibly investment properties to pay for their retirement and nursing home fees. Let’s face it, most immigrant children will put their parents in a home just as their parents left them to fend for themselves on the first day of school. And their parent will probably have nothing or little left over to give to them as the nursing home fees and their retirement would have consumed all their wealth.

How ironic. They came to Australia with nothing, told themselves that they have given you a better life only to rip you away from your heritage, extended family, and racial counterparts and then they leave you with nothing. Pathetic, they lay on their death bed with only their children or perhaps only the nursing staff to realise that they have cut off their familial ties due to their belief that their extended family members were jealous of their success only to realise that they have lost everything. They realise that they have not benefitted themselves or anyone else, yet ignorantly cling to the belief that they have provided their own children with a better life. They enjoyed the rich benefits of their culture, heritage, and familial ties only to deny that to their children due to materialism and the pursuit of wealth.

If you are a child of an immigrant or migrant, then don’t despair. You are not dumb, and you don’t have to become a doctor. There is hope for you, but you need to become independent. You need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Focus all your energy and attention in business ventures and never let anyone tell you that you cannot succeed. Be a businessperson as that is where the respect is and Australian society respects money not educational status. Money talks and nonsense walks. Don’t look for employment but become an employment provider through business and let others rely on you. Be self-sufficient as you have it in you. Remember, all that adversity you went through? Use that to become self-sufficient and you will see that you have all the tools you need to succeed. Don’t worry about your parents as they are not worthy of your respect or caring for the simple fact that they never actually cared about you.