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Why is it important to continue to challenge yourself?

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Being comfortable in life without any challenges will ultimately lead you to your own destruction. You will feel unfulfilled, depressed and ultimately suicidal. What is there to live for if everything is given to you on a platter? Absolutely, nothing.

To grow we must put ourselves in uncomfortable positions and harness the negativity around us to churn that energy into a positive and constructive energy making us do things that we never thought possible. In fact, we need rejection, failure, and pain in our lives to make it meaningful and purposeful. How then can you truly appreciate those pure blissful moments in your life, if not for the negative moments? Indeed, there is hope in darkness.

Are there people in your life telling you can’t do this or that? Do people abuse you and make fun of you? Do people look down on you and underestimate you? Good! This is your time to prove these people wrong. However, beware of the pitfalls that will you lead you astray. A successful person is not one that is materialistic or wears expensive clothes to hide their insecurities of being inadequate.

No, suits and nice clothes don’t make a person confident and intelligent. What it makes them is a monkey in a suit. What makes you successful is humbleness and the appreciation for the basic things in your life. Appreciate that fact that you have a roof over your head and food in your belly.

Now, challenge yourself to something that you think is impossible. Whether it be to make a certain amount of money, attain knowledge, start a new business or something that you have always wanted to do. Don’t be on your death bed regretting that you did not do this or that.

Know that death is near but understand that death will not stop you from living your life right now. Living an empty life is worse than death as you never actually lived! Apart from death what is the worst that can happen? Failure? Sure, but that shouldn’t demotivate you. In fact, that should give you more courage and confidence that to pursue your goals as having failed means that you have done more then most people in their lives.

Lastly, understand that pursing your goal shouldn’t involve being reckless with your life that you end it pre-maturely. There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity! If it involves risking money, then know that money can be made back but your life can never be restored. Once you have pursued your dream whether it be failure or success; know that no one can give you that confidence and drive but you. In fact, when you pursue your dreams you don’t need anyone’s praise as you have relied on yourself! Yes, self-reliance leads to self-sufficiency which leads to success!

What are you waiting for? GET OUT THERE AND CONQUER!!!