Strident News

Telling it like it is!!!


In late 2020 Strident News was launched as an online news media platform. The team at Strident News became concerned that a lot of the news was told from a bias perspective mainly the white privilege perspective. The ethnic voice in today’s news media has been silenced or left out completely.

Indeed, this ethnic voice which will be heard on Strident News is truly the voice of the whole world told from the perspective of all people including the margainalised, minorities, and those that have faced injustices causing their voice to be stunned and even silenced. The breaking point for us was when one white news reporter on a mainstream news channel in Australia turned to another white news reporter and asked, ‘Is Australia really a racist country?’ To which the other replied ‘no, Australia is not a racist country.’

Seriously, how inappropriate is it for a country with a majority white population to ask this question to another white person. This question should have been posed to an ethnic person; what an insult to all coloured people around the world. How out of touch is the mainstream news media today? Full of ‘white privilege’ and racist under tones. This is only one of the issues we have with mainstream news media. The reality is that mainstream news media outlets are predominately controlled by the white westernised voice whilst all other voices are shunned out.

Not anymore, this news media platform will include all voices and change the way that news is presented throughout the world as this issue of ‘white privilege’ is not exclusive to Australia only but the entire world.

It is to be understood that Strident News is not against white voices but that there currently exists within the world white privilege which has drowned out the voices of all other people within the world. Certainly, their are many white voices that have done noble acts and deeds to advance the worlds people collectively and we are not against these voices. Our goal is to balance out the voices in this world in which all voices are equal and heard equally.