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Why isn’t anyone writing the truth?

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The search for truth in a sea of fakes.

You might be asking, Why isn’t anyone writing the truth anymore?

The fact of the matter is that we here at Strident News are absolutely writing the truth. However, we have search engines that bury the truth. Why? They bury the truth as it will cause the masses to wake up and start thinking. Indeed, the search engines would rather have you consume mind numbing and endless entertainment garbage then have you know the truth.

You see, here at Strident News we tell it like it is. And, that makes search engines nervous as they are unable to control the truth. The internet through search engines have bots that crawl websites and rank their content. These bots analyze and rank the content against multiple criteria. One of the elements in the criteria is based on the truthfulness of the content.

Now if the truthfulness of this content does not meet their agenda of shaping the world narrative to their point of view. Then this piece of content becomes problematic. You might have noticed that when you search for certain topics you will get at times thousands if not millions of search results. Right, so if your content is deemed problematic then they will bury it within these thousands or millions of search results. Sometimes, they will refuse to even publish your article or content on their search engine.

Think about it.

When you search for specific news about controversial or sensitive issues why do you only get one point of view? Yes, you might read about that topic on multiple websites but they all are very similar in their conclusion. Everyone knows that there are two sides to a story. Yet, everyone appears to be happy when they read from multiple sources about one side of the story and don’t even bother to hear the otherside of the story.

This is the problem.

If everyone is happy only to hear one side of the story and they do not question the other side then you have contributed to oppression. People need to wake up. They need to demand that the otherside of the story also be heard. But why? Well, if you only hear one side of the story then you are allowing bias and injustice to enter your minds.

By now you must have realized that if multiple news websites publish the same conclusion then they must be related or owned by an individual or group. And you would be right to think that. This individual or group is trying to shape the way you think and bury the truth. Why? Well everyone knows about the term monopoly. When you control everything then your able to shape the views and outcomes of your goals as you please to the expense of others. Yes, similar to the mentality of a bully. You do this or else, is what the bully would say.

We here Strident News are fighting against this type of oppression, injustice and bias by telling it like it is. Sometimes the truth is difficult but it needs to be heard. Otherwise we are all complacent to injustices to some degree. Most people are selfish in that they only want the truth to be told if it is beneficial for themselves. We all need to wake up and open our eyes to the injustices, atrocities, genocide and wars taking place around us. It is our duty as individuals to be well informed as to why these adverse events are taking place.

That is why we are asking you all to open your hearts and eyes to the truth.

Remember, there are people that are writing the truth like us here at Strident News. But, we are up against a goliath of search engines, advertising and marketing companies, political actors, and governments that want to bury our news stories. Furthermore, we are still a small news agency with limited resources against larger news agencies with millions if not billions of dollars of resources that overshadow our cause. However, that does not scare our news agency one bit; as how many times has the little guy beaten the big guy? Yes it happens more often than you think.

Again, we have plenty of truth on this website. Write to us via and request that we write about an issue that needs to be heard. Donate to Strident News via the donations tab so that we can bring about real change by writing the truth. We are writing the truth but our articles are getting buried. We need you all to promote our articles via social media, word of mouth and any other way of promotion.