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Why you will always be a loser.

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Ever wondered why you will always be a loser?

You must be thinking there are so many people in this world that had a better start then me? That man or women you compare yourself to; thinking to yourself that, had their parents not paid for everything then they would not be as successful as they are. Perhaps, they even got a large inherentance or they may have been born into money. It’s because of people like this, privileged individuals that your not able to make it.

The truth of the matter is that we all came into this world with nothing. No material benefit; we all entered into this world butt naked, weak and needy. Your complaining that you didn’t get that perfect start at life. Indeed, had you gotten that perfect start then you would be so successful today. Perhaps even a millionaire, nay, a billionaire.


You would have always been a loser. But why, you must be thinking?

It’s your mentality; your way of thinking. There a people in this world that have got a much worse start then you. Indeed, there are people that recall their very first memory as a traumatic one. Such as child neglect and/or abuse trauma. However, these people have embraced their trauma and turned it into a motivating force. They aren’t weak like you; looking and comparing yourself to everyone else. Being resentful that everyone else is doing better then you.

What you forget is that you came into this world with no material benefit and you will leave with no material benefit. In fact, whatever you accumulate of wealth and hoard at the time of death will either go to your family (if you have one) or the state. The simple fact of the matter is that unspent wealth will not benefit you here when your dead. As dead men have no need for wealth. Although, your a loser. You probably have no wealth or money.

If you fail to change your mentality then you will always be a loser. You need to understand that the wealth that you chase requires hardwork, dedication and never comparing yourself to others. Hold yourself in high esteem. Tell yourself that your not a loser but your worthy of becoming the most powerful force the world has ever seen.

You see, wealth is much more then money.

You must be asking what real wealth is? Indeed, real wealth is having a family to share that wealth with, otherwise wealth will not fill that deep hole in your heart. No matter how much therapy you have been advised to undergo.

Forget the outward fakery of people that you look to become as it’s all a deception. Never compare yourself to anyone. Be happy for the success of other people. And be patient as success maybe just around the corner.

Now, you need to ask yourself a question. What will make you happy and content? Trust me, to be content is a feeling that no one can take from you. Again, your probably asking what will make me happy and content. And it’s very simple.

People say that money doesn’t buy happiness and others say it does. However, they are both wrong and this is why. You need to memorise this formula in order to be a winner, and leave that loser past behind.

Money = Freedom = Happiness.

Yes, that’s right.

Money equals freedom which equals happiness. As freedom is happiness; such as freedom of movement, religion, spirit, culture, and speech. Freedom makes you a truely sovereign individual. This in turn makes you happy. Hence, ask yourself; what does freedom mean to me? In the pursuit of freedom is true happiness.

If you do not implement these principles into life then you will always be a loser. Remember you came into this world with nothing and you will leave will nothing. So, why are you wasting your time on negative thoughts and insignificant people?