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Strident News complies with global consumer laws.

Your right to a refund, repair or replacement will need to be investigated and evidence provided in order to support your claim for each one of the above. We may ask that you provide a brief video or photo as evidence of your claim. In other circumstances we may ask for other reasonably attainable evidence to support your claim.


Strident News will refund you if it is determined that your consumer guarantees have been breached. However, if our investigation determines that your are liable then we reserve the right not to issue you a refund. Indeed, refunds will be determined on a case by case basis.


If your product is under warranty then Strident News will arrange for your product to be repaired at no extra cost. However, if it is determined that you were liable then the cost of repair will be passed onto you. You will need to provide evidence of damage to your product through photographic and/or video in order for us to investigate your claim. Please forward your evidence and complaint to and we will respond to you within 24-72 business hours.


Please provide evidence via photographic and/or video evidence to support your claim and send it to; we will investigate your claim within 24-72 business hours. Again, if it is determined that your consumer guarantees have been breached than a replacement will be issued.


Strident News reserves the right not to issue a refund or exchange on change of mind purchases; due to the high costs of delivery and returns. However, in compassionate and compelling circumstance we may at our discretion offer you a refund upon return of your goods. Please contact us via to discuss your claim further.