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Osama Bin Laden is heard from under the sea

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Brutal killings of thousands of children and women, indiscriminate bombing of hospitals, schools and UN protected shelters in Gaza by the cruel Israeli forces, with abundant military arsenals and political backing of the USA and other Western allies has shocked the consciousness of many ordinary people of the globe. Despite all attempts to twist the news by the Zionist controlled media, people of consciousness wanted to know why their hard-earned tax money is being used to kill innocent Gazan children and women.

Multi-million dollars spent on spinning the news stories to show the aggressors as good guys and innocent babies, children, elderly, and women who are subjected to dirty bombs as terrorists, did not make much sense to a lot of young Western audiences. Zionist funded mass media and the Zionist backed political leaderships as well as the well-funded efforts of the Christian Zionists could not fully convince these young people of what was really happening in the Middle East. Mass protests in major cities in the world against the genocide in Gaza opened the mind of many freedom loving Westerners who ventured into finding the historical truth behind the conflict.

Where did they end up finding the answer?  Interestingly their search led them to nothing but the “Letter to America” that Osama Bin Laden wrote in 2002!.  Many of these youngsters were astonished to find how well Osama articulated how the US foreign policies over decades was responsible for much of the chaos in the World. He encouraged the Americans to change their stand on blindly supporting Israel and in its brutal occupation of indigenous Palestinian population.

Many of these young Westerners felt they were awakened by the message that Osama sent decades earlier. They used their social media platform to share their experience of finding the truth behind the conflict. They could easily related to the argument presented by bin Laden as to how the US foreign policies over the past decades led to on-going conflicts in the Middle East. Some TikTok users expressed their emotional reflection of finally discovering the true cause of the Middle Eastern conflict and urged others to read the letter.  Many TikTok users have been sharing the link to the transcript of Osama bin Laden’s letter that was published by The Guardian, in 2002. The letter remained available since 2002, but with the awakening that was happening among the younger generation, The Guardian quickly removed the letter from its website, few days after TikTok videos encouraging people to read “the Letter to America” went viral.   The Guardian’ website stated that “ The transcript published on our website in 2002 has been widely shared on social media….,”  and “…we have decided to take it down…” This Guardian page previously displayed the full text of Osama bin Laden’s “letter to the American people”, which was published on Sunday 24 November 2002 but was removed on 15 November 2023. Likewise, TikTok aggressively removed the videos with hashtag #lettertoamerica. Zionist narratives have trying to hide the truth behind the brutal occupation of Palestinians, over the last 75 years, but yet no one expected that someone who is buried deep under the sea could enlighten those looking to find the truth!  

Interestingly, some of these users explained how they went further and picked up the Quran and try to understand the message of Islam. Many have converted to Islam and announced their conversion using their social media platforms.  Some researchers indicted that over 40 “letter to America” videos on TikTok, despite being blocked they are easily accessible.  We in the Strident news will soon publish the full letter for easy public access as we believe in freedom of information for all.

These social media users explained how, Osama in his letter condemns US support for Israel and encouraged Americans to not to aid in the oppression of Palestinians. 1 For those reading the letter it was clear that US foreign policies have been largely responsible for many of the wars in the Muslim and Arab world including Iraq and Afghanistan.  With all this happening the Institute of Strategic Dialogue has pointed out that references to bin laden on X jumped more than 4300% within 3 days of the viral videos. The numbers of search rose from 5,000 to 230,000. The references to “Letter to America” jumped more than 1800% from 4800 to 100,000 with 719 million impressions across the platform.  They also pointed out that searches for bin laden on You Tube jumped 400% within three days in the middle of November, according to Google trends while Instagram listed “Letter to America” as a “popular search” in that time period.

Osama Bin Ladens Four Page Letter

Finally, Michael Schuer who had been the head of the CIA’s bind laden desk summarised the message in the “letter to America” as follows: “The crux of the above-mentioned letter lies in its blunt truth-telling about the status of America and its economy and society in 2002 (?), which is so much worse in 2023”.


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