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Pakistani Conman, Fraudster, and Scammer Mr. Faisal Iqbal.

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A picture of Conman, scammer and fraudster Mr. Faisal Iqbal

The Conman, Fraudster and Scammer Mr. Faisal Iqbal.

The Scam.

Sample of houses around scammers residential address (Not exact house) for illustration purposes only

On reporting this matter to Alibaba, Strident News can confirm that the major e-commerce platform has failed to do anything. They have failed to respond to our e-mails. It appears that Alibaba is complacent in helping scammer rip off victims. Impexpo International owned by Faisal Iqbal continues to trade on the Alibaba platform. Therefore, it is reason to assume that if a wholesaler who wants to engage in scamming can simply pay Alibaba the gold seller registration fee and trade without any intervention or consequences from the Alibaba group.


The victim transferred money via remitly, a global money transfer company. Their website can be found by clicking here.

The victim contacted Remitly to advise that she had been scammed and that she would like to reverse the transaction. What did Remitly do? Remitly, closed the victims account, claiming a breach of rule 3 of their company by-laws. This rule stated that you must only send money to people you know. Which she did as she had a prior dealing with the scammer. However, instead of being helpful and reversing the transaction Remitly supported the scammer.

Never ever do business with Remitly! They are a scam company. After, the victims shock she engaged us to look into Remitly. What we found was shocking. Remitly, has delayed the payments of many of its customers, and some customers haven’t recieved their transfers for months. They claim to immediately transfer your funds but that appears to be a lie. Checking on social media sites like X you will discover endless customers complaints about this company. Bottom line, do not do business with remitly otherwise you will regret it like our victim.

As is understood, his son has a CNIC number which clearly means that he is over 18 years old. Like they say, ‘the apple does not fall far from the tree.’ Indeed, we hope that his son will be punished and put in jail along with his scammer father. Absolute scumbags is what the victims told Strident News.

Website link: Impexpo – Alibaba

Website Link:

Reporting scammer to the Police Station

What we do know is that the Pakistani police and the Inspector General Office is incompetent and run by a bunch of idiots. It has become a recurring theme of Pakistan that they are a country of idiots. They are seriously deaf, dumb and blind.

Never do business in Pakistan or with a Pakistani. If you must then ensure there is a way to recover your money in the event of a scam which is perhaps 85% likely.

Conversely, a small but vocal minority within the Pakistani community found it okay to scam foreigners from Western countries as their Governments support large families through the welfare system. Yes, they believe that most, if not all westerners recieve welfare and live like kings in their home countries. One redditor went out of their way to make a point out of his uncle who manages to bludge the welfare system in Australia. Yes, all countries have bludgers but they are not living lives of kings. Indeed, civilized Western countries have programs to get people back to work but they are not incompetant and barbaric like Pakistan in starving people just because they don’t want to work. In Australia, if someone does not want to work they will have their welfare support cut-off, after a small period of respite. The Aboriginal people of Australia are living in poverty worse than some Pakistani’s as they do not have fair access to the welfare support system.

It angers us at Strident News to know that Pakistanis think this way. Albeit, the westernized thinking of Pakistan must also be outlined. Many people in the West believe that Pakistanis are very lazy, dirty, uneducated and conceited people. People in the West send endless amounts of money to Pakistan, only to have it squandered by people at the very top. But hold on, what about the people in the middle and at the bottom? They are not innocent either. Money via charity and other noble measures are sent to people in the middle and bottom that use that money to survive year to year. They are lazy, they don’t want to get a job and work. They rely on the charity of the west to live. Exactly like the mentality of the redditor that exposed his Uncle as a dole bludger.

What is the difference between a Western dole bludger and a Pakistani one? Well, in the west we help the dole bludger get a job but in Pakistan they have no obligations or programs to get people back into work. Atleast the Western dole bludger works harder than the Pakistani bludger, as if the Western Dole bludger does get off his backside than he will not get paid. Whereas, the Pakistani bludger will get paid regardless. Pathetic.

This news article has been up for many weeks now and viewed by hundred’s of thousands of people. Not one Pakistani offered to donate $1.00 towards the victims being scammed. We are just talking about offering a dollar by the scammers country men and women of Pakistan. Furthermore, not even one country man of Pakistan offered to actually help recover or even put pressure on the scammer to return the money. On the reddit Pakistani’s supported the scammer, belittled this article, some how thought that we are scamming them, and attacked the victim and her family for having to many kids. Furthermore, they belitted the victim of being trusting of their own people. Further evidence to support the claim that Pakistani people are misers, untrustworthy, lazy, uneducated, rude and down right the scum of the earth.

Strident News could not believe the DM’s it was recieving from these Pakistani’s. They were offering to kill the guy but they didn’t know anyone that would do it. Seriously? As we described they are conceited. People referring us to lawyers that we know will overcharge, and take years to prosecute. It’s not our first rodeo in the legal field arena. Other Pakistani’s offering their wholesale clothing services. Yes, they will not help you but they will help themselves.

We have learnt that you should never do business with a Pakistani. And, that it is not worth visiting the country of Pakistan as they themselves have said that Pakistan is a country of lazy people and con-men. I suppose, what can you expect from a country of people that rely on intimidation, bribery and gas-lighting to get their way.