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Ukrainian War has left millions homeless.

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Putin’s war on Ukranian has left millions of innoccent civilians in Ukrainian homeless. Continued shelling has left their homes in ruins and their families in disarray. Ukranian men have been asked to join the efforts against Russian troops in order to liberate their country. There are reports that schools and homes have been destroyed in aerial attacks by Russia, despite Russia stating that ‘they are only targeting military and strategic assets held by Ukraine.’

Further reports of neighbouring countries discriminating on the base of race has caused alarm amoungst the international community within Ukraine, such as international students and workers. NATO has assured the world that no international citizen within Ukraine will be denied entry into NATO’s surrounding member states and that racial discrimination will not be tolerated. However, international citizens in Ukraine have disclosed favourable treatment by neighbouring countries towards Ukrainian Citizens whilst they have been left in the cold for hours at a time.

Whilst discrimination of any kind is cause for much concern; one thing for sure is that atleast the international citizens within Ukraine have a home to return to. Which is less then can be said for Ukrainians fleeing the war within their very own country. The reality is that millions will be left with refugee status. Many Ukraine children will be left without their fathers as they face a formidable force.

NATO has made it clear that it will not be engaging in a direct or proxied war with Russia as it could lead to a nuclear catastrophe. This has outraged many around the world and left many scratching their heads as to how they can help? The reality is that this is a complicated game of geo-politics that the average person just cannot comprehend. Whilst this war is a sad reality, what is even worse is the potential for this war to become global leading to world war 3.

It is no secret that the price of goods and services has increased to unimaginable level and that the war commentors are calling for more action such as increased sanctions and more military equipment in Ukraine. Not to mention that North Korea is become more hostile, perhaps waiting for China to make a move on Taiwan. Therefore, if such as scenerio were to play out than the world will become a very dangerous place in general. I hesitate to say, that the price of goods and services may be unattainable for the average citizen. Unfortunately, the situations has become so volatile that the foriegn policy and international relations knowledge of the average citizen including people that study and teach this at univeristy levels cannot predict an outcome. This is for the fact that the situation is now in the hands of state actors; which means its time to observe a new era of global warfare.