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Why haven’t the Extremist Political Parties in Australia been charged with Terrorism Offences?

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The Australian Governments Attorney General's Department defines a terrorist act as causing death, serious harm or danger to a person. Followed by the intent to coerce or influence the public or any government by intimidation to advance a political, religious or ideological cause.
Racism and bigoted Australia

Coward's dishing out hate on innocent Australian Muslims

The Australian Governments Attorney General’s Department defines a terrorist act as causing death, serious harm or danger to a person. Followed by the intent to coerce or influence the public or any government by intimidation to advance a political, religious or ideological cause. Furthermore, the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Act 2015 Section 33AA (3)(a) brings the above definition of terrorism into law.

Why is it than extremist political parties in Australia have not been convicted on charges of Terrorism? Political parties lead by Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie and Cory Bernardi are by very definition a terrorist organisation. More specifically, by legal definition these are terrorist political parties. These parties have terrorised several subsections of the Australian population who happen to be Australian Citizens. Focusing on the largely vilified Islamic population of Australia; how many times have these group condemned Islam?

Their utter disrespect for one of the 3 major Abrahamic faiths in this world is a disgrace at an international level. They condemned the Islamic garb which lead to many attacks on Muslim women within Australia who were just trying to follow their faith. They called Islam evil and many Muslims were attacked on the street for their rhetoric.

I as a Muslim man was attacked on the streets of Brisbane in 2017; whilst with my wife and children witnessed me being punched and spat on. I fought the attacker whilst he ranted hate speech such as telling my wife to take her hijab off. And, that I should leave this country despite having being raised here. He wasn’t a very strong man by no means but my biggest fear was that the police might shoot me, as I am a Muslim man in Islamic garb. Or better yet, that I might completely lose my temper and kill this guy with one punch; then I would be deemed a terrorist throughout the land.

Why didn’t I report it to the police? Simple because the police in Australia are hopeless and would have done nothing. In fact, I have seen many photo’s of Australian Police smiling and patting these extremist politician on the back for their hate speech which makes me distrust the police. Put simply, most Muslims know that the police are not our friends.

That’s not true you might be thinking? Well, in that same year whilst I was walking at night trying to clear my head about events that happened early that day I was pulled over by a police officer at Logan Village, Queensland. The next think I remember was that I was pushed up against the wall as the officer checked by pockets and discovered a small key ring/ pocket knife. He than called backup to search my car for explosives, all because I looked like a Muslim.

The Judge charged me $250 plus court fees; the worst bit was that the police officer made me look like I was trying to rob the nearest BP service station just to cover his own bigotry. The Judge didn’t even let me defend myself or let me retrieve my dignity from such an allegation. That’s what you call white privilege, and the reason why dark skinned Muslims like myself don’t trust police in Australia.

Why should I fear being shot by the police if I am defending my self against an attacker filled with hate which was put there by these extremist political parties? Well, they were fanning the public with their idea’s of banning Islamic garb and Islamic teachings condemning the Islamic Community. How about the movement in Australia that encourage the banning of Halal certification? Are Muslims not a part of the Australian Fabric? Is this not hatred and hurting a section of the Australian community?

The Aboriginal and Asian communities have felt hatred and suffered harm by these political parties. These communities have documented the hatred from these political parties yet no one is standing up and taking these cowards to court? Why?

It is about time that we see people like Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie and Cory Bernardi lose their Australian Citizenship. They must be charged with terrorism and taken to court to serve extended prison sentences. And after serving their sentences they should be deported to a detention centre. They should also have all their assets sold; and put into a fund that supports people who have been victims to their hatred.

Furthermore, the cowards that advocate against halal certification must also be held to the same standard. They should also be charged with intimidating large corporation as they have had their names dragged through the mud because of these cowards.

Today in Australia Muslims cannot freely enjoy food products with other Australians as these cowards have banned halal certification on a large number of products. The goal of Australian society is that we must all live as one; but how can Muslim integrate through the most basic of necessities such as food if they are unsure if it is halal.

They have targeted halal certification but vegetarian and vegan certification is rampant. Why? Is it because Australia is a racist and bigoted country? Is that why these coward anti-halal certification and extremist political groups are allowed to exist?

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